Angel Atienza, a life-long journey, spurred on art and driven by the man-artist-worker, destined to live with the impetuous and inevitable flow of the most intuitive and original creativity. Primitive and new materials such as glass, ceramics, iron, concrete... have filled many years of original works of art. Very rarely has art, such as his, been known to blend and mingle with architecture with a common destiny: beauty. When faced with cold and bleak cities, where humans dwell in stark grey surroundings, he shivers and trembles because his human dimension is in light, color and in the harmony of shapes and life itself.


Angel Atienza’s art is drawn between sculptures and painting, transmitting quality and poetry. The hard, resistant materials such as iron and concrete often used in modern buildings are transformed by his creativity and his loving hands when they are combined with fragile and beautiful glass. Simultaneously, he never omits the most pure artistic expression in his paintings.


Angel Atienza provides us with primitive and contemporary art both at the same time because it wells up from within Man itself and because their premises go beyond matter.